Esophy Masticha and Roasted Almonds Dark Chocolate 50g


Esophy Masticha and Roasted Almonds Dark Chocolate 50g


Esophy’s signature dark chocolate 60% with masticha from Chios island and the finest selected roasted almonds, provides a truly fascinating taste experience.

Masticha is the resin of the mastic tree, found on the Greek island of Chios. It is produced only in the southern part of the island in the 24 villages and communities known as “Mastichochoria” (literally “the masticvillages”). The process is slow, with gatherers waiting weeks for the tree to weep it’s precious fluid. For that reason, it is also known as “mastic tears”. Almond trees reflect the beauty and health of the Mediterranean terroir and climate. Bloomed almonds are the first signs of spring and their seeds are ranked on the top of the world’s most nutritious and versatile nuts, known for their many health benefits.

Size: 50g

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Η Εταιρεια

Esophy was founded by two passionate and visionary professional chocolatiers inspired by their love for the sun, the smells, the lifestyle, the flavours and the colors of the Mediterranean.

Whether it’s pistachio from the island of Aegina, mastic from the island of Chios, figs from Kimi, hazelnuts from Piedmont, oranges and lemons from Crete, basil, lavender and mint from Peloponnese, all ingredients are meticulously selected from local producers in the Mediterranean area. Then they are combined in the most inspiring way to complement and enhance each other and create a memorable tasting experience.

Created by hand, in Esophy’s workshop, with care and enthusiasm each recipe is made with the finest chocolate and has a characteristic flavour that aims to serve unique taste adventures.

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